Dear esteemed readers…

All history is contemporary history – Benedetto Croce

Hello everyone,

Welcome to ‘How is History?’. My name is Adam, and I’m a Modern History and Politics graduate. I’m currently undertaking my postgraduate in International Relations but my passion remains modern history no matter where I’m bringing the bacon home from.

Throughout my course my focus was largely European and American history from 18th Century onward, with a bit of Australian and Chinese in there for variety. Though this was largely the result of the courses offered at the university I attended – while I loved these subjects I would have delighted in a deeper offering in modern Chinese and Asia-Pacific history. This is a region where Australia, indeed the whole world, will take its future cues; economically, socially, politically, and culturally. As a result, I believe it is absolutely essential to be familiar with the themes and events that have shaped the identity of this region in order to provide an understanding for developments in the future. However, Asia-Pacific won’t be the sole focus of this blog!

This is a creative outlet where I’ll blog on historical events that interest me, largely to improve my writing skills and ability to keep to deadlines! If you feel like you want to see something in particular explored post a comment or send me a message and I can have a look. If you like what you see, I also maintain another project; OnThisDay – WW1 on Twitter and WordPress. Over there I try to post something that happened eponymously 100 years ago with a focus on the First World War. Hopefully you will find that interesting too.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,